ProxyRequestError: Our own web proxy is blocking appium from doing anything

I’ve just installed Appium and WinAppDriver. However when i try to run anything through the Appium server, our own web proxy blocks Appium. For example i get this error when i try to launch Notepad or calculator applications:

Rule name: Block Unauthenticated Clients to Unverified Sites
\n Ruleset: Category Content Filter - Unauthenticated
\n Host:
\n Requested port: 4724
\n Raw URL:
\n Command or method: GET
\n Raw user name:
\n SSL Info:
\n URL Categories :
\n URL Destination IP :
\n URL Reputation : Unverified
\n Media Type:
\n User-Agent: appium

However when i run the WinAppDriver server:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Application Driver\WinAppDriver.exe.

I can then create a Unit Test in Visual studio and launch Notepad etc that way.

Is there a way of configuring Appium so i do not go through our proxy? I am running the application on the same machine i am running the Appium server. So i would expect everything to be self contained. I also have this set in my environment variables.


In the ‘Advanced settings’ I also tried every combination of
Allow Unauthorized certificates / Use Proxy and specified our own proxy and i’ve run ‘netsh winhttp reset proxy’ and i still get the same error.