Pull to refresh in ios -> method is not implemented

Hi there, I’m trying to ‘pull to refresh’ my application on an ios simulator using appium and JSON wire protocol:
appium version: 1.7.1
chromedriver version 2.24
ios version 11.2

as i read in the documentation i need to first locate the element on the webview using POST request:
POSTdata: {“using”: “xpath”, “value” : “//div[@class=‘header-image-select-box-trigger’]”}

i did so and i got the id of the element (let’s say 5013)
now, according to the JSON wire protocol, the next operation should be:
POSTdata: {“elememt”:“5014”, “xoffset” : 150 , “yoffset” : 300 , “speed” : 400 }

but the answer to this request is
“status”: 13,
“value”: {
“message”: “Method has not yet been implemented”
“sessionId”: “7e9456a0-d289-441e-a1b7-b892bfcb2098”

i can’t believe that appium really did not implemented this basic operation… what an i doing wrong?

i verified that i only have this issue when using ios simulator, when i try the same requests on the android emulator it works just fine…


does anyone knows this issue? i really can’t fix it…

try one of the options provided

Hi, thanks for answering, for writing the tests i’m using javascript.
but as i said i’m using the raw post and get requests so solutions using the drivers won’t help…

anything else i can try?