Purely react native app automation on android platform using appium


As i was regular user of Appium while automating native android apps using Appium where UI Automator is very helpful in locating elements but now i have moved to different project where pure react native app is to be automated unfortunately i am not able to find locators using ui automator as it is not throwing id locator which was available in native app.

Can anyone help me is appium supports react native app automation.

Hi vkek, iā€™m also facing the same issue. please let me know if you find any solution on this.
my email id is "[email protected]". It would be helpful

Hi shahulhameed , actually there no criteria where automatically resource-id will appear , but what i does i initiated request to development team to put accessible label as a tag in their code which we can fetch from uiautomator .

Thank you so much, Is there any other way to handle this problem. !

I think after getting the accessibility label property you can use it as a xpath, findElementByAccessibilityId etc. So i think it solves a problem almost without having resource-id .

Its taking long time to find an element using xpath

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@Jitu1888 FInd below link where you do quick fix for finding element using xpath :