[python] Appium(real device), test app Problems

Hi all, I’m testing Facebook App automation

Appium server (desktop):
App Version: 1.22.0
Electron: 7.3.3
Node.js: 12.8.1
Appium Inspector:
App Version: 2022.2.1
Electron: 13.6.3
Node.js: 14.16.0

Os: Mac Os Big Sur 11.4

Launch parameters (in Appium Inspector):
“appium:deviceName”: “HUAWEI”,
“appium:platformName”: “Android”,
“appium:version”: “10.0”,
“appium:appActivity”: “LoginActivity”,
“appium:appPackage”: “com.facebook.katana”,
“appium:app”: “/Desktop/Facebook_com.facebook.katana.apk”,
“appium:realDevice”: true,
“appium:noReset”: true

After creating a session in the apium inspector, the inspector starts and the fb login window starts, but this does not always work, and i have to restart the server, restart the inspector, sometimes the loader in the inspector spins in a circle and the interface does not load, basically I cannot inspect the application in inspector…

if I select any element (native application mode), then the loading of the element action bar ,loader also spins endlessly

Hybrid web mode also does not work…loader also spins endlessly

there are no problems with the apium doctor, everything is fine, I don’t understand what to do, please help