Python AppiumService() fails due to "npm" warning

Am a newbie,
using Python, Appium, Android emulator;
and so far I was manually launching appium server prior to running tests,
searched how to launch appium from code so as to integrate the server side timeout argument - but my implementation is not working :frowning:

service = AppiumService()
args=[β€˜β€“address’, β€˜’, β€˜-p’, str(4723), β€˜-ka’, β€˜0’]
// run tests

npm WARN config global --global, --local are deprecated. Use --location=global instead.
Original error: b’usage: /Users/imac/.npm-packages/lib/node_modules/appium/build/lib/main.js\n

Checked stackoverflow solutions to upgrade npm version or edit file for deprecated prefix - but am still stuck :frowning:
( am using a mac and most solutions regards this npm error are for windows )

Advice would be most welcomed!