[Python-Client] [Pre-filled Inputboxes] set_value returns 'Not yet implemented.' but it seems that it is implemented?

Am i missing something ? i checked the code of the python client and this function seems to be implemented, yet whenever i try to call it i get this :

*** WebDriverException: Message: u’Not yet implemented. Please help us: http://appium.io/get-involved.html

Box : Python-Client version 0.9 , Appium 1.2.2 , OSX 10.9.4

I need this function specifically because in Android send_keys is problematic, leaving the tag of the inputfield there and adding to it.

If there is still work to be done on this function i would love to help in anyway possible…

For the time being, i have tried the following for tagged inputboxes (default filled):

  • Directly accessing set_value from the driver instead of the element
  • Clicking the element first and than trying to send keys
  • Clearing the element first and than trying to send keys

These all fail.

The one ugly work around i have for this problem is this :expressionless: :

lets say you have an input field web element : email_input_field
and you want to input : '[email protected]

Decode this string in android native keycode using this table and form a list:


You get this :

list_of_email_keycodes = [29, 29, 29, 77, 29, 29, 29, 56, 31, 43, 41]

Than you can do this ugly hack :stuck_out_tongue:

> email_input_field.click()
> for code in list_of_email_keycodes:
>     self.driver.press_keycode(code)