Question about App requirement for XcUITEST


I have a selenium grid running tests on Android with Appium. I would like to add support for IOS app but i am a little bit unsure of what I need. Currently , I receive app from external developpers and I can install it and run it for manual testing.
I have a access to to a mac environnement with Xcode and Developper membership. I want to automate it with appium xcui driver because most of my users are using 9.3 or higher.

My question : What are the requirement from app side? Does it need certain attribute or setting enabled for automated tools to succeed?

I do understand I will have to build the webagentdriver using my developper id and for IOS 9.3 specify use XCUI driver.


as far as i know, no, you don’t seem to need anything special enabled; you can download apps e.g. youtube from the appstore and that works, also the on-device stuff like notes, safari etc

It might be that anything i’ve tried so far has anything necessary enabled and I’m not encountering an issue, but from what I can see it seems to be ok.

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Thank you ken for your input. I was able to sign WebAgentDriver and use Appium inspector with our app and , like you said , other apps.