Quiet Logging is not working in Appium

What is the term meant by “Quiet Logging” in Appium GUI. When I checked the Quiet logging check box and clicked the start button. I’m getting an error like this:

Starting Node Server
usage: main.js [-h] [-v] [–shell]
[–localizable-strings-dir LOCALIZABLESTRINGSDIR] [–app APP]
[–ipa IPA] [-U UDID] [-a ADDRESS] [-p PORT]
[-k] [-r BACKENDRETRIES] [–session-override] [–full-reset]
[–no-reset] [-l] [-lt LAUNCHTIMEOUT] [-g LOG]
[–log-level {info,info:debug,info:info,info:warn,info:error,warn,warn:debug,warn:info,warn:warn,warn:error,error,error:debug,error:info,error:warn,error:error,debug,debug:debug,debug:info,debug:warn,debug:error}]
[–log-timestamp] [–local-timezone] [–log-no-colors]
[-G WEBHOOK] [–native-instruments-lib]
[–app-wait-package ANDROIDWAITPACKAGE]
[–app-wait-activity ANDROIDWAITACTIVITY]
[–android-coverage ANDROIDCOVERAGE] [–avd AVD]
[–avd-args AVDARGS]
[–device-ready-timeout ANDROIDDEVICEREADYTIMEOUT] [–safari]
[–device-name DEVICENAME] [–platform-name PLATFORMNAME]
[–platform-version PLATFORMVERSION]
[–automation-name AUTOMATIONNAME] [–browser-name BROWSERNAME]
[–default-device] [–force-iphone] [–force-ipad]
[–language LANGUAGE] [–locale LOCALE]
[–calendar-format CALENDARFORMAT] [–orientation ORIENTATION]
[–instruments INSTRUMENTSPATH] [–show-sim-log]
[–show-ios-log] [–nodeconfig NODECONFIG] [-ra ROBOTADDRESS]
[-rp ROBOTPORT] [–selendroid-port SELENDROIDPORT]
[–chromedriver-port CHROMEDRIVERPORT]
[–chromedriver-executable CHROMEDRIVEREXECUTABLE]
[–use-keystore] [–keystore-path KEYSTOREPATH]
[–keystore-password KEYSTOREPASSWORD] [–key-alias KEYALIAS]
[–key-password KEYPASSWORD] [–show-config] [–no-perms-check]
[–command-timeout DEFAULTCOMMANDTIMEOUT] [–keep-keychains]
[–strict-caps] [–isolate-sim-device] [–tmp TMPDIR]
[–trace-dir TRACEDIR] [–intent-action INTENTACTION]
[–intent-category INTENTCATEGORY] [–intent-flags INTENTFLAGS]
[–dont-stop-app-on-reset] [–debug-log-spacing]
[–suppress-adb-kill-server] [–async-trace]

main.js: error: Unrecognized arguments: --quiet.

Node Server Process Ended

How to work it out in GUI as well as through command line arguments?

@Alexander_Demidov @0x1mason

The latest server arguments on their website doesn’t mention any argument called –quiet, I guess it is a feature that is still in progress and still not supported by the server version 1.4.0.

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Thank you @Hassan_Radi

Then I need to wait for a while.