Quiting of mobile apps in sometime without no reason

Hi people,
I am working in Namma yatri project, which is a open mobility platform for auto drivers. Currently working in developing the framework to perform automation.

The issue I am facing is, depends on the test cases the number of mobile devices are taken. For now assuming in case of two android devices and two applications for customer and driver. If a ride has to take place, two mobiles and two apps are required.

I am case, driver login takes some time to login, so when I use customer login first and then the driver login, when the actions are getting performed in the driver login, in some certain point of time the customer app is killed and after driver login not able to move further.

The above is the example case, it happens vice versa also, appium server is running for both the apps in same port only.

I want to know is there any parameters, or any capability check to be implemented so that the app has to withstand for longer time, to avoid this case.

Attaching the screenshot of the code implementation below for the reference

eeeeeee… - each driver should use unique port with unique server

But why ? Is it dependent ? Can u tell in detail about it ?

it just the way it works… each device should have own appium server.

  • if both phones on SAME computer then two appium servers to run should have different ports
  • if phones on different computers and you expose it outside then appium servers can have same ports.

in other words driver url to open should be unique.

check https://appiumpro.com/editions/28-running-multiple-appium-tests-in-parallel

PS while it parallel it is applying same for you 2 phones with different apps. 2 drivers, 2 appium servers.

Oh ok cool. Thanks for your suggestion. Will check it out

Hi @Aleksei
I have tried handling it as you mentioned, like having unique port number with unique server for each and every device, but even after that my issue haven’t got resolved.When 2 devices are running 2 apps, at certain some point of time one app quits automatically, but the server was fine working.
Can you help me in resolving it ?

1 with android you should have unique appium server with ports plus unique systemPort.
2 maybe it quits after default 1 min NO command timeout while you continues on one app other waiting? appium:newCommandTimeout try to increase it to e.g. 5 min - value 300000 (it is in ms)

Ok sure. Thank you. Let me try it out