Re-open an installed app on an Android device

Any suggestions on how to open an app on an Android device without
re-installing . This app is not a system app. A brief description of the
app that i’m testing : Im enrolling an Android device into a server.
During this process, the system re-directs me to playstore to install
the app and enroll the device into server. I was able to automate this
successfully. But then when I want to open this app for a different test
scenario, I signed the app with my debug keys and gave as the target to
re-open in a different test. When I run the test, the app appears to be
re-installing as it un-enrolls my device. Any suggestions on how to
open it as is?

Make sure in Appium GUI, “No Rest” button “checked” and “Full Reset” unchecked.

Thanks so much for the reply.
I set no Reset to check and Full Reset to uncheck. I still get the same error.

I uploaded the apk to Appium GUI and also kept a copy on under the package in eclipse. and it worked.
Thanks a lot again… I’ve been searching for this for a while now :smile:

Is it possible to set the same no reset as a desired capabilities instead of a GUI?

for example this:
capability.setCapability(“noReset”, true );

Yes Priya, You can use this desiredcapavility “noReset” to make sure not resetting the application.
By default, it is “false”.