[React-Native] When a view translate of more than the width of the screen, the view doesn't appear any more on appium


I’m currently facing an issue with appium. I am working on androidTV.
I have a list of items that for a reason of performance is a translating view with items in it.
When the view scroll past the width of the screen, all the view hierarchy disappear from appium.

I need to keep viewing the item ids of the list until the end of the scroll but I don’t know how to make it work.

Here is a repository to reproduce : https://github.com/AlixBou/reproduction-appium

What I have seen so far :
When I have a view that is 3 times the size of the window, when in translates of more than the size of the screen, the view disappear from the view.xml whereas it is still visible and clickable by the users.

Can someone help me ?

I have worked a little bit more on that.
What I have found is that the minimal reproduction is the following :

        <View style={{position : 'absolute', left: 0}}>
               <Text testID='blip'>Hello</Text>

Doing that, I lose the view in absolute position and thus the ID of its child