Real device iPhone with iOS 9.3 and Appium 1.5.3 is not opening a new tab

I click on an element which is suppose to open a new tab, but it never opens the new tab. I have tried turning “Block Pop-ups” off, and I do see the message “This site is attempting to open a popup window”, so I know the click is happening.

Is there a capability similar to safariAllowPopups , but for real devices?

Thank you.

Edit : Here is a snippet to show it not working :

I have encountered the same problem, have you solved this problem yet?

No, I have not. Though I haven’t done much with real devices for functional testing lately.

I have the same problem on emulators and real devices using Browserstack. When I use Safari on iOS (iPad or iPhone), no new tab opens. This works great in Android. All other clicks also work, but not if I try to open a new tab. Any help?