Really slow performance on Android

I test the same application on Android and iOS and the same test case run on iOS takes 1:30min but on Andorid almost 6 min. I tried to change automationName from default to UiAutomator2, Espresso also I cannot use executeScript because its native app. Any idea how I can speed up testing on android?
Run application on real device and emulator and there is no difference in time
I use appium in version 1.21.0 and run driver in c# code.

try reduce idle timeout ->

I change idle to 100ms but it didn’t help. I check times and for example, find an element takes 1,5s but then click about 6-7 seconds

Why click? Use touch

Use touch increase time to 6:32min

turn off animations on android

Aamek, can you try running the Android tests on 1.19.1 and let me know your results? I’m currently looking into issues we see on 1.20.0 and above (specifically seeing slowness / incorrect results in appium-uiautomator2-server)

Also what are all your capabilities you’re using? (Turns out we were enabling Ignore Unimportant Views which was breaking a bunch of our finds)