Record mobile web site just like selenium webdriver script

Many people spend time on emulating gesture for mobile site, which might be tedious job if u locate web elements in UIAutomation. Here i would like to share some workaround that really helps you while creating automation script for mobile web sites. And trust me it saves ur time too.

It just require basic knowledge of selenium IDE, and thats it :slight_smile:


  1. Firefox
  2. Selenium-IDE
  3. UserAgent Overrider (A add-on of firefox)
  4. Firebug and Firepath (Optional)

How to record script:

  1. Open selenium IDE
  2. Configure URL to be tested in IDE in Selenium IDE, enable recording
  3. Launch firefox
  4. Enable User Agent overriding (Displayed right side of firefox)
  5. Select prefrences from dropdown (android/chrome 34)
  6. Open site on firefox and record just like any other site.

Priyank Shah

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