Redirect webflow to APP in IOS real device

Hi ,

I am new to appium automation .

I am automating ios hybrid app using appium. Below are the steps doing to automate.

  1. Open the safari browser and pass the url

2.Click on the one button(VPN)

  1. It will redirect to App which is already installed on mobile.

First two steps are automated. But in third step not getting the control on that app and stuck there. Even page source also not giving in appium inspector.

For more details please find the attached screen shots.

Blocked with this. Not able to move forward …

Please help me with some workarounds to fix it…

From u r steps its understood that u r app will work over a VPN connection.
Now first you are connecting VPN and then trying to proceed towards appLaunch

But I am not understanding how and which link/button from VPN is navigating to u r app.

If App is already installed you can simply launch it using appium desired capabilities or using below code


It would be advisable to perform these actions first on simulator.

Thanks Amit. I am able to automate all elements in vpn app by opening directly with capabilities. we can connect vpn app different ways. One way is connect vpn from browser. So when trying to Automate this scenario ,not able to get the control on the page.

Please check the image 1, in that one vpn button is there. When click on that it will open the vpn app for configuration.

driver.startactivity () is not working on IOS real device. I have already tried same thing in Android and working fine for switching between apps.

I have blocked with this issue. Could you please help me …

Can you please help me on this.