Releases in Maven central

It’s 2 weeks since Appium java client 8.5.0 was released but I still don’t see it in Maven central repo.


How should it work?

I don’t know if anyone on this board is affiliated with Maven Central Repo, so your question may not get a satisfactory answer here. However, you could always ask Maven people what to do in such a case:

I thought the Appium team uploads the artifact to Maven central repo. Is this wrong?

I personally don’t know who uploads it. I went there to see if I could figure out who does, I couldn’t see that but did see Java Client 8.5.0 uploaded on May 9. Is this right?

Yes, it showed up there ~8 hours ago. Interesting.

How can you tell this? Says it was uploaded May 9. Seems like a Maven Central issue, no?

No idea. It could be the release date in the date column or yes, a Maven repo issue.

I don’t know how the artifact is deployed by the Appium team.

The maintainers are listed with their emails. If you don’t want to try Maven Central support then maybe one of them could offer insight?