Reloading Previous Page IOS

I have this issue where my app is behaving differently when it is connected to the appium server.
For example I have a list of videos two videos can be seen on the page at once if I scroll down to the sixth video and play it the media player comes up then when I hit the back button, I go back to the previous page and the screen loads exactly where it was before I clicked the sixth video meaning I do not have to scroll down if I wanted to play the sixth video again.
However when I have launched my device on appium then run the same test after scrolling down and playing the video when I hit the back button, the previous screen renders but I am at the top of my video list so if I wanted to play the sixth video again I have to scroll down.

I have appium 1.3.5
ios 7.0
using java

info: [IOS_SYSLOG_ROW ][ChipViewControlleriPhone reloadData] [Line 185] RELOAD TABLE

info: [IOS_SYSLOG_ROW ][Line 341] Feed load mode FULL

I noticed this was changing from
Feed load mode FULL to -> Feed load mode LIVE
can this be at the root of my issue and is this something I can control?