Resigning IPA's for "A valid provisioning profile for this executable was not found." error

Hi folks!

Today, I’m trying to give you a tutorial about resigning iOS IPA’s with saucelabs/isign.

Inside of an IPA file, there is file called ‘embedded.mobileprovision’. We can use cat command to inspect, which UDIDs are inside of that IPA.

If we are moving on step by step;

1-) Take a copy of your original .ipa file. Then, change the name file.ipa to file.rar. Open the .rar archive and Extract Payload folder.

2-)Run ‘cat’ command for inspecting UDIDs.

3-)Now, you can easily see UDIDs.

If you trying to install IPAs from XCode without valid provisioning profile, you will get this error.

We need to sign this IPA with valid provisioning profile for our iOS devices. For this resigning operation, we need .p12 certificate and valid .mobileprovision file. Put these files into a file for easy access.

Then, we have to install isign. We can you two methods for installation.

Method 1 :

pip install isign

Method 2 :

$ git clone GitHub - sauce-archives/isign: Code sign iOS applications, without proprietary Apple software or hardware
$ cd isign
$ sudo ./

Then, for validate your installation run ‘isign’ from your terminal.

When I try to install isign, i was get errors from openSSL and crypthography. I’ll add these links for ‘How I solve my problems’. Link for openSSL - Link for crypthography.

Then, we have to run /path/to/certificate/ → (.p12 file)
mv /path/to/mobileprovision ~/.isign/ → (.mobileprovision file)

After this step in ’ ~/.isign ’ folder, we have to see 3 files.

Then you can sign IPAs with according to this picture.

isign -k yourkey -c yourcert -p yourprofile -o newipa oldipa

After resigning, we can easily install our new IPA to our phone via XCode.

And finally as you can see, we successfully installed our app to our phone.

That’s all folks! :ok_hand: