Restarting Hybrid App between tests using Protractor

I’m just starting out automating mobile testing using appium. I have automated web apps and service/api through various other platforms such as ruby, specflow/c#, etc

I have Appium running and Protractor set up and executing tests. However, the thing I can not figure out how to do is close the app and restart during the same session. I can close the app and restart but I’m not sure that protractor gets connected to the new instance because I’m getting the following error:

Failed: Method has not yet been implemented

This error happens as soon as the second test starts to run. The follow up issue is that the app appears to get reinstalled in between the tests. I’m not quite understanding how Protractor is actually getting connected to the Appium service and how I can interact with the Appium service during a session.

ANy help would be appreciated.