RobotFramework AppiumLibrary support for WinAppDriver

I am trying to use the AppiumLibrary in RobotFramework and WinAppDriver.exe to automate Windows UWP App testing.

I would like to know whether the Appium Library in RobotFramework supports all the REST API’s that WinAppDriver.exe supports listed here: under the Supported APIs heading?

If its full support then I will breathe easier, since I can rely on the AppiumLibrary in RobotFramework to do the testing.


Hey @youwhy,

I have been working on extending my company’s testing library to include Robot keywords for desktop applications testing using WinAppDriver and Appium. While I found AppiumLibrary worked it also lacked a lot of functionality we needed, especially in mouse control. I just recently released the first version of it and would love to get your feedback if you are still using WinAppDriver and Robot.

The repository is located here, the specific part that will interest you is the DesktopLibrary. There are quite a few example tests using the built in windows calculator. Raise an issue on the repo if you have any questions!