Robotframework - iOs - Unable to click on Save disk icon

Hello community, I’m facing an issue when it’s time to save the information I just entered.

On my page, there is a Cancel icon (X) and a Save Icon (disk image)

With AppiumInspector, I am able to find the Save element. When it’s time to click on it, it does nothing, it does not save anything. It looks like I just cannot interact with this element.

I working on a Hybrid app. I tried to swich context, but even If I find the context name, it is still failing as it does not find the context.

I validate the the element is enable=true, visible=true, accessible=true.
I can access it only with the xpath, I know it is not the the best, but it is the only way I can find it.
Using Appium inspector, with the complete xpath, I can find it.
In my code I can find it (I check it before click on it) :

${saveIsPresent} = Run Keyword And Return Status Page Should Contain Element ${saveBtn}
Run Keyword If ${saveIsPresent} Run Keywords
… Log to console IntheSave AND
… Click Element ${saveBtn}

It does strictly nothing.

I really know what to do now !

Any thoughts ?