RobotFramework with Appium, still viable? And what to replace it with if not?

I’m currently in the process of building out the test automation architecture for my company, focused on Android. I made a prototype to test out Appium with RobotFramework yesterday, but found the test ran incredibly slowly, taking over 5 seconds just to complete a single Input Text command. Additionally, I noticed bugs in the code (Click Button doesn’t report errors properly), and in GitHub it looks like there’s been very few updates in the last year.

Is that framework just no longer supporting Appium? Is it no longer viable? I loved RobotFramework with Selenium for the web side, so I’m rather disappointed. Is the slowness an Appium problem or an RF problem?

All this is in pursuit of a solid method of reporting out the results of tests after completion, which can then be used by the manual QAs for regression or by the CI system to ensure quality during pushes. Is there a better recommended method of doing that? We’re right now looking at Espresso/Spoon as the other competition.