Ruby: Close and Launch app for each scenario

I have a cucumber test suit to run, and till now, I was having my application reinstalled each time when the scenario ran.

I now in order to have the exection time reduced and also not wanting to have sign ups each time i install the application, I would want to only run the sign up once, and then the rest of the scenarios should log me in directly as I will want to just launch it.

Is there a way in appium i can do so?

After scenario 1
Close the app - Force close(Apart from doing it with adb)
Relanch the app != Reinstall

I have tried to force stop with shell command am -force stop
and also have used

Before do 
app_hash = {
 app_package: ""
app_activity: ""
appium_device.driver.start_activity app_hash

Also my desired capabilities set to
Fullreset : false
noReset: true

Please can someone suggest me better way to close(After scenario done) and relaunch(Before scenario begins) each time I run the scenario?

I get server error 500 each time , it runs the first scenario and proceeds to the second one and also from the logs I could see it displaying

cannot read attribute property from null. Android device may be shut down