Run And Install IPA On Device

Hi All,

I have Appium installed on my MacBook, Xcode with Command Line Developer Tools and IPA.
I need your help to understand the way of running and install the App in simulator by Appium,
The App is not running, open then close in a loop! What to do in this case ? Is it important to have the App code on Xcode ? And is it enough to work with IPA only ?
I have the error of “instruments getting crashed on startup”.

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You can manually build your app using XCode and give capability “app” to
to run it on iOS simulator.

FOr installing app on real device app should be created using provisioning profile

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Hi Amit,

I must have apple id certification right ? and what is provisioning profile ?
Appium is installing the App but i have 2 problems:
1- webkit threading violation - initial use of webkit from a secondary thread
2- target failed to run the operation couldn’t be completed. (FBSOpenApplicationErrorDomain error 3): failed to launch process with bundle identifier ‘com,rounds.roundsBeta’.

To build the App, yes. But not to use the ipa

You should post the log so we can see the errors directly. For #2, you have a comma in your bundle id which should probably be a period. That bundle id needs to be 100% correct. Good info here: