Run iOS Safari testing on Windows

I tried to find the solution to run tests against Safari on Windows device.
According to section Setup there:, I could pass all the steps.

  1. ios-webkit-debug-proxy - installed and running
  2. enable web inspector and I see opened Safari pages by http://localhost:9222/
    And there is the step where I failed:
  3. --ios --real-safari - I couldn’t get the appropriate sources there as I don;t have IOS SDK installed:
    WARNING: you do not appear to have iOS7 SDK active

Is anybody succeed run Safari tests via Windows? Or everybody uses Mac for that purposes

As no answers before, but my small mind looks find the answer -I will share…
During run the following command:
./ --ios --real-safari --code-sign ‘’ --profile ‘’
There, we make some build using xcode, so I don’t find workaround to use Windows instead of Mac:-(