Run latest APK after build + Bitbucket Pipeline


Background: I am using Cucumber + Appium to run UI Automation Tests. This project is saved in a Bitbucket Repo separate than the Android Studio project.

Question 1:
How can I fetch and use the latest APK build into my Appium project?

Question 2:
Any documentation or advise how can I run the Appium project through the other Bitbucket Repo Pipeline. For example: when the Android Project has any push, I will run through the pipeline the Appium project for regression tests.

Thank you!

  1. you just need download new apk file with script or code and put it into needed folder. all depends where your apk building.
  2. make your project run in command line without starting Android Studio. now use this command to start your tests in pipeline

Hello @Aleksei,

  1. So you’re suggesting to automate the download of the new APK file into my Maven Project every time we push? My development team is committing on their Bitbucket repo.
  2. I can run my Maven Project using the Command Line: mvn test -DCucumber.filter.tags… Do I add this command line into the Pipeline? Its that simple?

Thank you.

1.How you building apk files now for manual testers?
2. Almost same simple. All other depends where it runs. How machine configured.


The manual testers build a new APK to run their tests on. So I will try to automate the build of the APK after each push and merge it into the UI Automation Repo so it can be ran.

However, now that I think about it. How will the pipeline configure the Emulator? Should I use a cloud based Emulators? Or is there a better way to do so?

Thank you.

  1. make CI to build apk file and save it as artifact. it can be used also with manual QA without need to build themself.
  2. pipeline means just set of some command that run in command line on some machine. so configure some machine as slave and your tests on it. you may install Android studio on this machine and all needed to run your tests.
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Hello @Tarek,

I would like to run my Appium project in bitbucket pipelines, but i don’t know which docker image i can use to perform this action. Please, could you share the content of your bitbucket-pipelines.yml file?

Thank you.