Run selenium WebDriver scripts on mobile browsers to test a website

Hi all,

I am new to mobile testing. I am looking to run my Web Driver scripts on different IOS and Android devices. All I want is to open a browser and open website (base URL) and run the tests. Has anyone worked on this before? If yes, it would be really helpful if you can provide information how did you setup etc…

Thanks in advance,


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1.1 Understand all about Webdriver (Chromedriver if you want use Chrome)
1.2 Understand Appium (in the doc all seems be well explained, setup, parameters, etc)
2. Create your test in your favorite language
3. Take a look the sample code
3.1 Example of capabilities with Java Simple Appium Test · GitHub
3.2 Good example with Javascript
4. Have fun

@juanpicado Many thanks!