Running 10N Test Data on N Devices

Hi guys,

I’m wondering is there any way to run 30 test data by 3 devices parallely. The purpose is to test the AUT against variant of test data. The test data are valid and AUT is expected to give the same result. And of course with faster execution time.

So, I try to figure it out how to run parallel execution dynamically, but parallel execution count is defined on TestNG.xml, so the number of execution at a time is likely hard coded. The number of devices cannot be the same with the test data because the limitation of the hardware.

The expected execution is : Reserve a test data and execute on available machine , After finish that one test data, it will reserve another test data that not executed or reserved yet and find the available device to run. The script will be finished when the test data are all executed. But I can’t find a way to do so.

Is there anyone who have any idea to deal with it?