Running Appium for longetyvity test

We have a scenario where we need to test the Reliability of application by running some specific scenario again and again and for certain duration 7-14 days. In the test we will validate data of app and navigate to various pages.

I have few questions:

  1. Is appium is the right tool to do this test ?
  2. How long we can run test on real device without killing the appium session (We are just killing and reluanching the application )
  3. Any suggestion this kind of test what all thing we can take into consideration for running such test

Any kind of help and suggestion will be appreciated.

why do you need to keep the appium session running all the time? There might be some cron job to just execute a short automation script once after the given time interval.

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would deffo not rely on an appium “connection” staying up for that long. But you could - on Android and IOS apps get backgrounded by the OS, so I’m assuming you are talking about desktop here - and once again depends entirely on what you want to do.
There are loads of options that do and don’t include a GUI tool like appium. My opinion only is, that.
If all you want to do is test if an app does not crash after 7 days, you want to use application traces to determine that, no test framework will do that for you if your app has no logging.