Running Appium on multiple devices - Device farm for parallel testing


I have been tasked with doing research by next week to come up with a cloud-based services (SauceLabs or Xamarin etc.) that we could use for testing our mobile app with various devices/OS versions. Need to look at devices/platforms/OS versions and of course the pricing.

Could someone please help with some suggestions on what is the best/popular cloud-based mobile app testing service out there in the market? Any links or comparion points would be greatly appreciated!


anyone get the chance to look at this ?

There are a number of options out there. I’m unfamiliar with Xamarin, but I know SauceLabs well, and they actively support Appium. You can also look into

BitBar’s TestDroid:

Appthwack was working towards including Appium. They’ve been acquired by Amazon in the meantime and I don’t know their status:

Appurify had a lot of promise. They were acquired by Google and I haven’t heard any news about them in a while.

One consideration when using cloud base services with Appium is the location of the services. It’s less expensive to store the device farms in remote areas, but this can dramatically increase the execution time of your test cases if your client is running locally. Some providers are starting to provide the option of uploading your test code to their server. If you can’t upload your test code, you’ll want a device farm located geographically close.

@willosser Thanks for the response, Will. I think SauceLabs will work with Appium but it is way too expensive. I believe Xamarin services are based out of Denmark.
I am located in the US. If I were to ask that based on the various iOS/Android versions and devices available and pricing of course (location as well) if you were to choose between TestDroid, Appthwack, Appurify, SauceLabs and Xamarin which one would you pick ? Are you already using something for your parallel testing ?


Amazon Test Cloud supports appium as did Appthwack before Amazon aquired them. There are a number of cloud services and it seems to be growing by the day. SauceLabs is good and I also like TestObject.

@isonic1 Thanks. I have been trying to decide between Testdeoid and AWS. Any good views you have for TestObject?

For someone in the US using Appium what would be the one “winner” tool for you?