Running Appium on nevercode

I am getting the following error whenever I try to run my cucumber Appium framework on my nevercode CI:

‘11.4’ does not exist in the list of simctl SDKs. No Simulator SDK versions are available on your system. Please install some via Xcode preferences.

I have tried booting the simulator manually and ensuring that it booted using this command:
xcrun simctl list devices | grep 'Booted'
But it still does not work

I have no trouble running these tests on my local machine so the cucumber tests themselves are fine.

Are you sure you installed iOS 11.4 version of simulators but not actual 12.x?

I ran the command
xcodebuild -showsdks
and it shows the following sdk in the list

iOS Simulator SDKs:
Simulator - iOS 11.4 -sdk iphonesimulator11.4

So its clear that I have the sdk necessary. At least I think, as Appium states that no simulator SDKs are installed from the above message.

Enable debug appium logs. And check appium server commads. It should help.