Running AppiumForMac with logged out user

I’m able to run tests against Mac desktop app via AppiumForMac from the same machine, or from a remote machine as long as the user is logged in.

If the user is logged out (I log-in, start an ssh daemon, log-out) and then try to run the test - it will fail because AppiumForMac will not find the app (it will never become the front app).

Did anyone find any work-arounds for this? Is it even possible to run it with the user being logged-out (or it has to be logged in at all times)?


Hello @bumbu
Sorry, i haven’t tried from remote. I am running as myself on the same mac laptop.

BTW, i am new to AppiumForMac, automating for Desktop apps. Been struggling quite a long time with getting elements and trying to traverse the list to exact element of interests to interact with. Have you been able to do this operations successfully.

Please direct connect to me if you dont mind [email protected]. Seems like not much of appiumformac users base?