Running multiple instance


I’ve been trying to learn appium, but i got a few questions.

Let’s say i got a virtual device + Some android system image on it. Okay let’s say that device is 5GB.

Let’s say i want to run 100 instances, do i need a virtual device for each instance? Which means 100x5GB?

It doesn’t sound cost effective at all… Especially not if you have to consider one of my virtual devices is currently at 11GB (started from 5), and i didn’t do anything yet install 1 App, with minimal usage.Which makes me wonder how the big bump of storage costs come from. Isn’t there a cheaper method?

Do i need to run appium/use a certain port for each instance?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

regarding the parallel testing, read one of these:

  1. Running Multiple Appium Tests in Parallel
  2. Parallel tests - appium

regarding the size of the device:
I use the -wipe-data option for each avd I launch through Jenkins, read these: Start the emulator from the command line  |  Android Studio  |  Android Developers