Running Test Suite on multiple devices in a single Test

I have a scenario in which
Device A:
App A sends an order
Device B:
App B does something with the order

This is a sample one testng test. Now I have tried macOS github runner to start two emulators as i do on my local machine. But the problem is its too slow and expensive as well. Sometimes the emulators fail to even start.
Another solution i tried is running on BrowserStack but the problem is Browserstack doesnt allow two apps running on two different devices in same build(As of my knowledge and research Or am i missing something).
What would be a possible solution to achieve this?

  1. use your own phones
  2. install both apps on phone with BrowserStack and switch between apps in test. this a bit slower cause need time for switching but works

@Aleksei thats what i am doing currently. But browserstack considers running two apps as two seperate builds.

Per your first post you trying to run with TWO phones. I suggest you to run all on ONE and switch between apps in test.