Running this code for Android works but not IoS I am running from a PC with VS and targeting a mac mini

        public void Setup()

var driverOption = new AppiumOptions();
driverOption.AddAdditionalCapability(MobileCapabilityType.PlatformName, “iOS”);
driverOption.AddAdditionalCapability(MobileCapabilityType.PlatformVersion, “8”);
driverOption.AddAdditionalCapability(MobileCapabilityType.DeviceName, “iPhone Simulator”);
driverOption.AddAdditionalCapability(MobileCapabilityType.AutomationName, “XCUITest”);
_driver = new AppiumDriver(new Uri(“”), driverOption);

You’ll need to use the depreciated UIAutomation Driver for iOS versions below iOS 9.3. You will also need to use an older version of Xcode (7 or below) to make this work.

I can use a newer version of the platform like 14.4

I just want to understand what
_driver = new AppiumDriver(new Uri(“”), driverOption);
should look like the above??

Yes. For your case you will need to make sure that the ip is of the OS X machine and that nothing (like a firewall) is blocking the port. Also that Appium Server is running on that machine, configured for that same port.

I see in the code for the line in question "Cannot create an instance of the abstract type or interface AppiumDriver

By code do you mean log? Usually in these cases the Windows firewall is to blame.