Safari error: does not exist in the list of Simulator processes

After updating to XCode 14, with the iOS 16 simulator, I am getting the following error:
“An unknown server-side error occurred while processing the command. Original error: Mobile Safari cannot open ‘’ after 25.417s. Its process does not exist in the list of Simulator processes**”

I am using Appium 1.22.3.

Any idea how to fix this?

Edit: I needed to install the iOS 15.5 Simulator to make it work again. This can be a temporary solution…

The same issue is reported here:

We are facing the same issue with Xcode 14 and iOS 16. Any ETA on a fix?

Also facing this issue with xCode 14 and iOS 16. Are there any updates or workarounds?

Sounds like the xcuitest driver from Appium 1 is no longer maintained. I upgraded to Appium v2 beta, installed xcuitest driver, updated deprecated code, and was able to run iPhone 14 Pro Max on iOS 16.1.

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