Safari webview issue

Hi All -

Recently we have upgraded Appium to 1.11.1 from 1.7.2, and since few of our iOS devices are on OS 12.3 + so Appium was not able to handle Safari webview ( because of Bug with Appium ) but it seems even after upgrading the appium to 1.15.0 where the bug is fixed still Appium is not able to interact with web view which is strange.

Can you please let us know on what exactly could be causing this issue?

Here is the environment details -

XCode - 1.11

Appium - 1.15.0

iOS - 13

Mac OS - Mojave 10.14.6

Please let me know if you have any inputs on the same.
Thank you.

Try to enable the recently added includeSafariInWebviews capability