Safarilauncher and iwebdriver issues

safariLauncher app issue-

step 1: I launched the safariLauncher app thru Xcode.
step 2: I started the proxy server thru ios-webkit-debug-proxy
step 3: I launched appium
step 4: I executed my test

observation on real iPhone 6 plus: I am seeing the safari launcher installed, then it tried to launch the browser thrice but then I see in appium log as "instruments crashed"

So then I went trying with iwebdriver.

step1: build the iwebdriver thru Xcode
step 2: ran the test

observation on Iphone 6 plus: I am only seeing a white screen with server address in the bottom and on the Xcode log, I am seeing it is waiting for the browser to open with my URL. The test is not failing but it is waiting at the driver.get URL command itself.

any help with any one of the issue is highly appreciated. I am struggling for several days and I am not getting the browser invoked at all.


I am using latest Xcode, appium versions.
I have enrolled in iOS dev program, installed certificates and got all provisioning done for the device as well.

I was able to fix the safari launcher issue. It was because I have not turned on ‘uiautomator’.