SauceLabs with Appium and Android configuration

Hello, I am trying to setup Appium to run with SauceLabs and Android and can see the following error at the Sauce Labs console:
“Unsupported OS/browser/version/device combo: OS: ‘Linux’, Browser: ‘android’, Version: ‘4.4.’, Device: ‘Andriod emulator’”
I am using NodeJS. Here’s the code (I tried several different values):
if (process.env.USE_SAUCE_LABS == ‘true’) {
desired = {
browserName: ‘Browser’,
platformName: ‘Android’,
platformVersion: ‘4.4.2’,
deviceName: ‘Android emulator’,
automationName: ‘Appium’
serverConfig = {
host: ‘sauceLabsUrl’,
port: 80
driver = wd.promiseRemote(process.env.SAUCE_URL, process.env.SAUCE_PORT, process.env.SAUCE_USERNAME, process.env.SAUCE_ACCESS_KEY);

driver.init(desired).then(function () {

What am I doing wrong? (Why does it say that the OS is Linux?)

Try using
platformVersion: '4.4'
instead of ‘4.4.2’

Check out this useful tool for creating desired capabilities on Sauce Labs:

(The reason it says Linux is due to infrastructure inside sauce labs, we run our Android emulators from a linux host machine)

Thanks! Helpful reference. It works now