Screenshot on ios Safari. Browser only

I reproduced it on examples javascript-webdriverio from the official repository.


    const iosWebCaps = {
      platformName: 'iOS',
      automationName: 'XCUITest',
      deviceName: process.env.IOS_DEVICE_NAME || 'iPhone 6s',
      browserName: 'Safari',
      udid: 'auto',
      platformVersion: '12.3.1',
      startIWDP: 'true',
      useNewWDA: 'true',
      xcodeOrgId: 'id',
      xcodeSigningId: 'iPhone Developer',
      updatedWDABundleId: 'company.AppiumRunner'


const webdriverio = require('webdriverio');
const iosOptions = require('../../helpers/caps').iosWebOptions;
const assert = require('chai').assert;

describe('Create Safari session', function () {
  it('should create and destroy IOS Safari session', async function () {
    const client = await webdriverio.remote(iosOptions);
    await client.url('');
    const title = await client.getTitle();
    assert.equal(title, 'Google');

    let screenshot = client.saveScreenshot('./test-test.png');

    await client.deleteSession();

I get a screenshot of the entire screen. Includes a line with WiFi / clock / battery, top / bottom safari panels.

By doing the same tests, but in android + chrome, I only get the browser area. As I need.
How can I get only the browser on iOS?

have you solved this issue ???

Anyone solved this issue ???