Script for Appium newbies. [tester/contributors wanted ]

Hi everyone,

Are there some python Appium developers here?

I am searching for contributors/beta-tester for a simple script:

It is a simple script which check if the environment of a windows computer is ready to make run properly Appium without any common issues.

As a newbie, I remember to have faced several issues before to be able to run APpium server. The idea of this script is to help Appium newbies to setup quickly their programming environment for Appium development.

How came this idea?
I am developing an appium bot which I want to distribute as an executable to “non IT people”. My bot will need to check good environment before to run on the computer of a user.
So by the way, I thought this script could be useful for the community.

What do you think about? Someone is interested in testing or improving the script?
As I don’t have differents computer, it is difficult for me to make this script universal for any machine (Windows, Mac OS, Linux).

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

The script is free on github repository.