Script is running very slow for ios

I have written script same way for is running fast but for iOS it is very slow.iam using appium 1.6.I use accessibility I’d to locate element.any suggestions to improve speed?

@deepakkg88 do not have problem with speed on android real phone/Emulator or iOS real phone/Simulator with latest appium 1.6.6 and java-client 5.0.0-BETA9.

it is look like more a problem in your code.

try predicate identifers instead of xpath for iOS and let us know if it works faster

@VikramVI I have tried predicate identifiers but there is no improvement in execution speed.Is there any alternate ? Is uiSelector is applicable for iOS?

@deepakkg88 we do not understand your problem. maybe this your application specific. “uiSelector” is Android property ONLY -