Scroll and capture text values on the run

Hi Team,

I am working on an Android app which is super dynamic and I have a scenario where I need to scroll through a list of elements and capture their text values on the fly. I am able to get text values of visible elements. Is there’s any possibility to capture text value of elements on the fly by scrolling and append them to a list?

I have tried the scrollable method but the text value keeps on changing every other day.


You can either scroll or read values in list. Not simultaniesly.


…also if the elements do not have id’s or are not “sorted”, you will need to collect them all and compare. You will also need to decide if you care about duplicate elements or not, and ask the developers to make implementation changes accordingly.

If the list actually changes and re-populates while you scroll, all bets are off, and you either have to change the app to have a testing hook to prevent this, or even simpler, just change the layer at which you test, by testing at the api level instead or mock the web api consumed. Note that bad refresh behavior will annoy users anyway too, and perhaps search filters can make the app easier to use and easier to test.