Scroll to exact element position irrespective of Direction


Is There a way that we can scroll to exact position of an element using x and y location irrespective of Direction whether Up or Down.

Just like in web apps where we can use x and y coordinates and scroll to the exact position of element
int x = element.getLocation().getX();
int y = element.getLocation().getY();
JavascriptExecutor javscriptExecutor = (JavascriptExecutor) driver;
javscriptExecutor.executeScript(“window.scrollTo(” + x + “,” + (y - 100) + “)”, “”);

Currently i am automating a Native App, i am using below snippet to scroll but have a dependency in scrolling ie., Direction.

JavascriptExecutor js = (JavascriptExecutor) driver;
HashMap<String, String> scrollObject = new HashMap<String, String>();
scrollObject.put(“direction”, “up”);
scrollObject.put(“element”, ((MobileElement)element).getId());
js.executeScript(“mobile: scroll”, scrollObject);

I want to overcome this as in most of the cases the app that i am working has dynamic elements with which i am not able to give a specific direction.

Appium Version - 1.5.3
Java Client - 3.10
Xcode - 7.2.1
Node - 5.3.0
App - Native App

Please Advice.