Scrolling in iOS

I’m working on appium and i want to scroll in iOS. I’ve tried searching for the answer but found that scrollTo() function solved it but it’s not working now. So any help would be appreciated.

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Maybe take a look to this topic: How to use touch action in new java client 6.0.0-BETA4

… of course, if you are using java-client 6.0.0-BETA.

Thank you @MrZigaS. I was not able to import the required classes but your help is really apprecited.

Which imports?
Which java-client version are you using?


This will help you…Good luck

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Dimension size = driver.manage().windows.getSize();
int startX = size.getWidth() /2;
int startY = size.getHeight() /2;
int endX = 0;
int endY = startY * 0.910;

TouchAction action = new TouchAction(driver);, startY).moveTo(endX, endY).release().perform();