Scrolling is getting failed due to popup message

Scrolling activity is getting failed in the application using appium due to the popup message(highlighted in the image).
I tried with implicit handler also. But still scrolling activity is getting failed. Also, that popup message takes at-least 3 to 4 seconds to vanish automatically. Is there any way to make scroll-lock till the pop-up message to get vanish? Because, when each time the scroll activity starts, that pop-up message is coming and vanishes in 3 to 4 seconds.

Thanks in advance!

Why not wait this message gone? Find way check that this message on screen. Now wait till it gone…

But the issue is, when ever the scroll activity starts, the popup message is getting started immediately and the scroll activity is getting stopped due to this. Is there any way to do a scroll lock till popup vanish?

How you make scroll?

Yes how to make scroll with such scenario. If scroll-lock is possible, that is also fine.

First we need to find out how you executing scroll while having issue? Second we need to know where is message appears on screen? Center or somewhere else?

I’m using the scroll as per the attached snapshot. Also, the popup message appears at the bottom of the app.

Ok. Then i suggest use “Partial screen swipe” from ultimate swipe guide ->

It starts from center and bottom message should not affect it. Just swipe and check existence of needed element.

Hi Aleksei,
I have started to work on the auto scroll as per your suggestion. But for the Duration variable (As per the above screenshot) can you please suggest me which class we need to use. I have tried both the highlighted class in the snapshot. But, im unable to use the directions in the switch case part. Please refer the screenshot below

Whether we need to import any other dlls for this? Please suggest.

Thanks in advance!

It is “direction” not “duration”.

See very first example it is enum:

public enum Direction {
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