Scrolling on web view in an iOS app

Environment details:
Real device iPhone 6s Plus
iOS : 9.3.5
Appium 1.6
Appium java client 1.4.2

Issue Details:
I am trying to scroll to a static text displayed on a web view displayed on an iOS app. I have tried various methods they are listed below:

  1. Switching to web view then try to identify the element as web based element and then try to scroll to it

  2. Use iOS UI automator and try scrollToVisible( ) using java script

First attempt failed cause I could not find any web view using the getContextHandlers() method on appium 1.6

Second failed too since it seems the commands that include scrollTo has been deprecated.

So I would like to know how do you deal with tests that require you to scroll to a text on web view on an iOS app? Also apple doesn’t allow to add identifiers to web view.