Scrolling to find an element in listview for android 4.3

I tried searching and couldn’t find the answer, so if someone has already posted it, please let me know and I can just read it there. I have a hybrid app that I’m using. When using android 4.4 I can use the appium command to scroll to text in my list and then select it. Not sure how I can do that with Selendroid.

for selendrid u dont need to write swipe code. it will work fine even if object not visible.

Try this

I guess, you are doing scrolling only in native context. For Hybrid, specially in web view scrolling is not require. You can locate element just like webpage. And for native component in selendroid mode… You need to customized ur android driver class… also need to use flick method to scrolling up/down.

public class CustomAndroidDriver extends AndroidDriver implements HasTouchScreen {
private final RemoteTouchScreen touch;

public CustomAndroidDriver(URL remoteAddress, Capabilities desiredCapabilities) {
    super(remoteAddress, desiredCapabilities);
    touch = new RemoteTouchScreen(getExecuteMethod());

public TouchScreen getTouch() {
    return null;