Searching sub elements of element from Android works strangely

Appium 1.6.3. Java. Android.
I have a List of elements, searched by Appium, named listElement.
When I search subelements from each element in cycle via , appium find subelements even in other elements of List:
for (int i = 0; i < listElement.size(); i++){
WebElement element = (WebElement) listElement.get(i);
List subelements = element.findElements(“some id”))
For example, listElement.get(1) not contains searched subelement, and listElement.get(2) contains subelement.
But subelements finded even in 1 element, Size of list of subelements > 0.
When I apply searching only one subelement in element: element.findElement(“some id”)); all is ok.

@HelenByr better use like this:

        @HowToUseLocators(androidAutomation = LocatorGroupStrategy.CHAIN)
        @AndroidFindBy(id = "parentID")
        @AndroidFindBy(id = "childID")
        private List<AndroidElement> elList;
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