Select children element without id

I’m new to automation and appium
so I’m trying to automate sololearn
I have such a list of relativeLayouts each one contains a follower picture, name, and lvl

I was able to select those relativeLayouts in a list by doing this

followersList = driver.find_elements_by_id("com.sololearn:id/facebook_friends_view_layout")

which gives me this list:
<appium.webdriver.webelement.WebElement (session=“33b98510-b0e1-45bd-af6c-9ca830e938fe”, element=“92ebaa8f-321e-4897-9f5b-df6cc38afc8e”)>
, <appium.webdriver.webelement.WebElement (session=“33b98510-b0e1-45bd-af6c-9ca830e938fe”, element=“d21e273f-db0c-4d4d-8937-dbc52b437c99”)>

Can I now extract the textView that contains the names of followers from that list?
idk I lack knowladge but I’m comparing it to js and html where you can get first children of elements and things like that. Can i do that here? is there any other possible ways?

I don’t want to use xpaths , and the name elements doesn’t have and id so I can’t select it with it’s id.
my goal is to get all followers names in a table.
Help please, and thanks <3

your screenshot a bit cut. but see inside elements with id starting “user_???”. one of them is name.
so to get it you need:

// first one
String name = followersList.get(0).findElement(“user_???”)).getText();
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thanks that helped <3
just took me a while to make it in python

followersList = driver.find_elements_by_id("com.sololearn:id/facebook_friends_view_layout")
for follower in followersList:
    followerName = follower.find_element_by_id("com.sololearn:id/user_name")

Solved <3